Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to answer this question in a FAQ. Some clients come to therapy with clearly defined short-term goals. Other clients have more complex needs or have goals that require more time. Progress in therapy depends on many factors including acuity of initial symptoms, diagnosis, frequency of appointments, and modality of treatment.

Do you see clients in person or via telehealth?

Currently, I see clients both in person and via telehealth. I use HIPAA-compliant video software that ensures secure and confidential telehealth sessions.

Do you accept insurance?

I'm in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts Health Plan (commercial plans only), and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. If you have one of these insurers, please call the phone number on your insurance card before our first appointment and confirm that I am indeed an in-network provider for your plan. If you have a different insurer or wish to self-pay, I'm considered out-of-network. This means that I'll charge the full session fee on the day of your appointment and I'll offer you documentation that you can submit to your insurance company if you're eligible for reimbursement. Note that insurance companies often reimburse a percentage of the fee when a client is paying out-of-network; in other words, it's likely they will not cover the full fee.

What's the process of getting started?

The first step is to contact me for an initial phone conversation to make sure I have availability and would be a good fit for your needs. Our first session is an intake evaluation that typically lasts 60 minutes. In that session, I'll ask for a thorough history and offer a plan for treatment. Follow-up sessions are generally 45 minutes.

Can we meet every other week?

At the start of therapy, I usually suggest meeting on a weekly basis. I find that this makes it easier to gain traction, build rapport, learn new skills, and help you feel better sooner. However, we can discuss this at your initial appointment and decide what is right for you. Although therapy can be hard work, it should not feel like a chore. Whether you'd prefer to start off meeting every other week or we’ve been working together weekly and you're feeling ready to reduce the frequency of appointments, I hope you'll feel comfortable raising the idea and we can discuss it.

Is your office accessible?

There's an elevator just inside the entryway at the rear of the building. If you have any questions about access or accommodations, please email or call and I'd be happy to discuss your concerns.

What if I cancel, miss, or need to reschedule an appointment?

I kindly request 24-hours notice if you're not able to attend a scheduled appointment. Since canceled or missed sessions are not reimbursed by insurance and I cannot easily fill a slot on such short notice, I will charge $100 for the missed/canceled session. I will make exceptions for illness or other rare and unexpected circumstances, such as caring for a sick family member.

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